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– Optimised for iPhone X – Minor design tweaks and bug fixes



In our busy lives, 80% of us forget to drink enough water. ‘Water’ is a beautiful and easy to use app which keeps track of your water intake. Share your wake up and sleep time, daily goal and average drink size. ‘Water’ will remind you at regular intervals to ensure you reach your daily hydration goal. Share your daily wins with friends and inspire a few more! All this to make sure you have enough water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated.
Features * The simplest interface – tap on the checkmark to track your intake, swipe up to undo * Share your wake up / sleep times and get a quick schedule * Track water intake via US oz, UK oz or ML units * See how you performed over the last two weeks (daily goals met, less than 50% intake, goal updates) * Check your longest goal streaks and see information for previous months * App icon Badges to remind you about glasses had or glasses still pending to reach your goal * Ability to add your water intake through lock screen notifications *HealthKit Integration * Unlock achievements while you keep yourself hydrated * Today Widget
Note: Daily goals and glass/drink sizes are based on your preferences. This is not a medical app. Please consult your doctor for medical purposes or specific hydration levels.
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