Read this if you don’t know what a QR code is or how it works.

QR codes have been around for a long time. Due to the fact they look ugly they have failed to really take off. However, that started to change with iOS 11 and its ability to read QR codes directly from the camera, without the need to download any other app or hack.

You simply open your camera and point it at a QR code. Your iPhone will then automatically read the code and give you a notification containing the QR content. In our case a direct link to the App you’re interested in. Simply tap the notification that pops up. From there you will be taken directly to the App Store and the App you’re interested in. Simple!

If you are on a Desktop, then follow this guide on how to quickly get any app on this site installed on your iDevice.


Have a look around the website and identify an app you would like to download.


Locate the small image that says ‘Send to device’


Then, simply hover your mouse (not click) on the icon.

A QR code magically appears on the screen – A direct link to that app on the App Store.


Your camera will then read the QR code. Know exactly what it is and generate a link to the App Store.


Now, go ahead and tap that link. This isn’t a 3rd party link. It doesn’t take you via any dodgy websites. It’s an official apple App Store link that takes you directly to the official Apple App Store.


That’s it. Done. From web page to iPhone in seconds. The app you wanted to try in the App Store is loaded for you so you can easily view more info or download it. No faffing around with emailing links to yourself. Or bookmarking it. It’s as simple as taking a picture.