by Aleksey Kalinin
Version: 2.0.1




Rating: 4.0


WAS: $4.99

NOW: $ Free


Release Notes

Now you can keep playing even though time is up, but then you get only one star.
Now you can buy a star if you are missing them to unlock levels.



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Gas Tycoon 3 is a fast-thinking puzzle game for fans of pipe mania. Your goal is to connect consumers (train, line, roll, flow) to a source of energy by turning elements in order to provide a clear path. Sounds simple? Wait until you’ve tried it.
Gas Tycoon 3 is the most anticipated sequel of the famous series of puzzle games “Gas Tycoon”, “Oil Tycoon”, “World Of Oil”, “Plug the Wire” and others.
To get maximum points you need to assemble the puzzle quickly and spend less rotation! But remember that the pipe can go behind the screen and return to the opposite side. Such puzzles is most complex. Can you collect all puzzles?
MORE THAN 175 LEVELS IN 5 PACKS The game is packed with five unique level packs 35 puzzles in each, and they will be constantly updated.
UNIVERSAL APP FOR ALL IOS DEVICE Now you do not have to buy two separate applications for the iPhone and the iPad, it will work on all your devices.
NOW AVAILABLE SEVEN SKINS You can choose a skin for the game to your liking. Gas Tycoon 3 includes such popular skin as: – “Gas Tycoon”; – “Oil Tycoon”; – “Plug the Wire”; – “RailRoad Tycoon”; – “World of Oil”; – “Water World”; – “City Tycoon”;
RETINA DISPLAY GRAPHICS The game has beautiful high-definition graphics on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, but runs just as fine on an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.3