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Release Notes

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====== What’s New version 6.2.3 ====== – Fixes a UI issue which does not completely show the bottom of history logs – Components upgrade – Several minor improvements



“Decibel X” is one of very few noise meter apps on the market that has highly reliable, pre-calibrated measurements and supports dBA, dBC. It turns your iOS device into a professional sound level meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level (SPL) all around you. This extremely useful and beautiful tool will not only be a great tool for many uses but also bring you a lot of fun. Have you wondered how quiet is your room or how loud is a rock concert or sport event? “Decibel X” will help you answer all of those.
– Trusted accuracy: the app is tested and pre calibrated for all Apple devices. The precision is matching with real SPL devices – Apple Watch support: see noise level right from your wrist – Frequency weighting filters: A, B, C, Z – Powerful, smart history data management: + Recording data can be saved into a list of history records for future access and analysis + Each record can be exported as hi-res PNG graph or CSV text via sharing services + iCloud support which synchronize all history records across your Apple devices + Fullscreen mode to give overview the whole history of an record – FFT and BAR graphs to display real time FFT. Those are very useful for frequency analysis and musical tests. Real time predominant frequency is also displayed. – WAVE graph with 2 display modes: Rolling & Buffer – InstaDecibel to capture your dB report overlaid on photos and easily shared via popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Messages, etc.). – Support both Portrait and Landscape layouts – Beautiful, intuitive and carefully crafted UI design – Optimized for iOS 11
– Standard time weightings (Response Time): SLOW (500 milliseconds) and FAST (200 milliseconds) – Trimming calibration from -15 dB to 15 dB – Standard measurement range from 30 dBA up to 130 dBA – HISTO graph for plotted history of the recorded values – Real time scale level chart – Display Current, Average/Leq, and Max values with both nice and clear digital and analog layouts – Quick reference text to help you compare with real-life examples – “Keep Device Stay Awake” option for long duration recording – Reset and clear current recording at any time – Tap on Max value to reset at any time – Pause/Resume the tool at any time
– Please do not expect a quiet room reading will be 0 dBA. The range 30-130 dBA is the standard usable range and an average quiet room will be about 30 dBA. – Although all devices are pre-calibrated, custom calibration is suggested for serious purposes requiring higher precision and accuracy. You will need a real external device or calibrated sound meter as a reference, then adjust the trimming calibration until the reading matches with the reference.
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