by Ideon AS
Version: 2.5.1




Rating: 4


$ 4.99


Release Notes

2.5.1 Fixes an issue where the Today Widget would not activate.



App of the day, The Converted can help where Google fails —Gizmodo

Get a clear and unique perspective on how units relate.

— The Converted is even better with a Digital Crown. Fully functional converter on the Apple Watch.
— Convert between 500 units across 23 categories in an unique visual interface.
— Exchange rates for 165 currencies updated daily when connected to the internet.
— Off-line and On: Fully functional without the internet.
— Currency exchange rates are updated when online and stored for off-line use.
— Location Aware: Highlights common currencies in use where you are.
— Today View Extension provides at a glance conversion, always reflecting what’s set in the app.

Current categories are: Currency, Length, Mass, Volume, Area, Temperature, Power, Energy, Electrical Charge, Speed, Acceleration, Fuel Consumption, Time, Digital Storage, Angle, Pressure, Density, Force, Torque, Volumetric Flow, Mass Flow, Luminance and Illuminance.


Slick, versatile conversion apps have been hard to find—until now —Wall Street Journal

The Converted manages to be idiosyncratic in one of the more crowded App Store categories. —WIRED Design

TheConverted imparts knowledge as opposed to just spitting out data. More apps should take note. —@adaxlee on Twitter