by Step Up Labs, Inc.
Version: 1.3.4




Rating: 4


$ 1.99


Release Notes

– camera crash fix on iOS 11
– group name change sync fix



Are you a group of friends, co-workers or roommates who occasionally share expenses? Settle Up keeps a running tab between you and your friends and you will never have to fight over shared bills again.

Track and share expenses in this most intuitive and fun finance app.


– cloud sync! (but also works fully offline)
– user friendly interface
– focus on user experience
– stylish flat graphics
– save locally snapshot of a bill and send it to group members by email
– even and uneven split for payments
– support multiple currencies in the same group – you can always make payment in any currency you want
– all world currencies available including currency manager
– show debts in one currency
– automatically download currency rates from internet – manual set also available
– translated to 17 languages
– integrated contacts from your iPhone
– possibility to have multiple groups and switch between them
– the app will show you who owes what to whom – proposal of transactions to settle debts
– transaction tolerance – helps to eliminate transactions of small value by rounding off the amount according to your settings
– lower number of required transactions to settle debts among a group of friends
– settle up debts
– payment Log

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