AR feels like the App Store on day one. Exciting, but full of apps that last 5 mins on your phone.

Check out these 4 of the best..

Vuforia Chalk

by PTC Inc., Version: 1.1.0


Rating: 3

Price: Free


Release Notes

We’ve made improvements to Vuforia Chalk based on suggestions from our early adopters. Thanks for the feedback!

New Features:
•Find & add Chalk Contacts directly via mobile phone number and/or email address
•Browse your device address book and choose who you want to add to your Chalk Contacts
•Add & verify your mobile phone number so friends can more easily connect with you in Chalk
•Access to device Contacts is now optional – not required

We’ve also: improved the ‘stickiness’ of Chalk Marks, made the registration pages friendlier on smaller or ‘zoomed’ devices, and fixed other issues to make Chalk a better experience for you.

Note for users of Chalk 1.0: To add your mobile number, go to Settings in the app, click My Account and add your digits.



Now it’s easy to help anyone, from anywhere, when you can’t be together. Share a live view of a problem, talk about it, and draw on the world with Chalk Marks to provide clear instructions.

“Proves Augmented Reality Isn’t Just Hype” – TIME | “The AR App I’ve Been Waiting For” – tom’s guide | “The Future ofEducation, Service and Support” – Forbes

If you are the tech guru for family and friends, you know how frustrating it can be to troubleshoot problems on a phone call. “What do you see right now?” “What blinking red light?” “Just turn that little thingy at the bottom!”

We’ve all been there – wishing we could reach through the phone and just point at things to solve the problem.

Until we have human teleportation, we have Vuforia Chalk! Chalk lets you point things out in someone else’s environment by simply using your finger to draw Chalk Marks on the screen.

Chalk Marks are pretty cool. They actually stick to the object or surface you draw them on. It’s like you’re drawing on the world with digital chalk.

Download Chalk today and try it with someone you know. You can use it with:

• Home tech & entertainment – Help someone figure out a Wi-Fi router, stereo system, or all those remote controls!

• Do-it-yourself tasks – Ready to take on a home repair or installation, but want a second set of eyes on it?

• Home appliances – Figure out which knobs and buttons you need for the washer, dryer, or new espresso machine.

• Service calls – Make on-site visits more effective, or eliminate the need for service calls completely.

We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AR on today’s devices. And we’ll continue to improve the experience over time. We look forward to hearing what you think!

Trying to help someone out when you can’t see what they’re looking at is frustrating. With Vuforia Chalk, it’s simple.

See it. Solve it. Together.

**Invite friends to Chalk with you!**
Chalk requires an ARKit compatible device: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later, iPad 2017, or iPad Pro.

For more details, visit

Game of War – Fire Age

by Machine Zone, Inc, Version: 3.28.541


Rating: 4

Price: Free


Release Notes

Game of War – Fire Age is redefining both the MMO genre and mobile gaming as a whole. As this title continues to set new standards, take advantage of numerous amazing additions to further invigorate your gameplay. LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES!



Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the Kingdom in Game of War – Fire Age! PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting, interactive Action Strategy MMO GAME!

– Play & chat with millions of Online Players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time.
– Be part of a Global Alliance where you can make friends, co-op with Alliance members & become the all-powerful King!
– Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles & watch the fighting in real-time on the stunning World Map.
– Attack & conquer the Wonder to become the King! Use your power to give special Titles to your Friends & Enemies in the Kingdom!
– Talk & strategize with your Alliance & friends in Chat – Alliance Chat, 1-on-1 Chat, or Chat with the Entire World.
– Team up & join Forces with friends or smack-talk & burn your enemies!
– Forge diplomatic alliances to Conquer enemies & become the most POWERFUL Alliance in the Kingdom!
– Build & Customize your Empire – Upgrade buildings, walls & weapons to strengthen your Empire.
– Train, level-up and deck out your Hero – Craft legendary weapons and embed them with powerful Gems to rise above the competition!

“I found Game of War – Fire Age more engaging than its closest analogue, Clash of Clans” – NY Times review

5/5 “I love strategic RPG games like this. I first started off with Clash Of Clans and wondered if there was anything as similar to this and found Game Of War. It’s easy to get started with and addictive.”

5/5 “This is the best MMO and game ever. I have played other MMO games but this is the best one yet! You can battle other players and collect resources and build really cool buildings. If I had to rate this game it would be 10 stars. But, there is no 10 star rating.”

5/5 “Best real-time Strategy game I have ever played!”

5/5 “If you like games like Boom Beach, Clash of Clans or Mario I think you’ll like this one!”

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